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Hepatitis a,b,c
Head Cold

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All Joint Inflammation Disease: 100 Kinds Of Arthritis

Respiratory Diseases: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease—breathlessness)

artery elasticity
kidney failure
heart attack

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Our Silicium Labs brand (Loic LeRibault) molecule shatters every virus it touchs (that we know of) . Our molecules are the mother of all antioxidants (anti-inflammation). Hundreds of billions of oxygen atoms thrashing about forever to neutralize every free radical it runs into; and shatter viruses. Read about “hydroxls” below. Open the Tutorial book for the whole story and usage instructions by clicking the link in the top bar above.

FDA listed as Liquid Dietary Supplement. Not a medicine—not for bacteria or fungus. No adverse side effects, allergens, interactions or toxins. Made in a pharmaceutical grade production laboratory in northern Spain. Used in Europe since at least 1990. Patented in U.S. in 1995 as a medicinal grade viricide. 30 years in development. This is a well tested, safe, and world accepted product.

AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis (all); Herpes (all), HPV (Papilloma virus), Influenza, and all other viruses we have run into, even the common head cold.

Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Our molecule's perpetual electromagnetic force field brings the traumatized cell poles back into alignment. Total remission. We never say “cure.” image of hepatitis -b virus

Arthritis in its 100 forms usually gets worse. The almost immediate pain relief from just the first smear of our G5 Gel on an ankle, knee, shoulder, hip or elbow (or neck) interrupts the inflammation. My osteoarthritis is in total remission with a thin smear of G5 Gel every morning. It has been halted at just my two middle fingers since 2010. It fixed my own torn rotator cuff in 2011. You must try us if arthritis is your problem. It stops my left half-leg stump and toeless right foot pain with a daily smear since 2008.

cross section image of human skin, SKIN DISEASES
Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis
Skin is a complicated 9 layered organ. Our molecule works wonders on skin diseases. Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body. Incurable. We have great success in getting quick total remission.

COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease that prevents normal easy breathing. The airways are partially closed so that any exertion causes breathlessness. Incurable. My own diagnosed COPD is in total remission after two months of my own designed and managed therapy.

Each artery everywhere expands with Nitric Oxide (NO) from the lungs with every heart beat so the new wall of heavy blood gets through with least resistance (lowest blood pressure).

artery layers image However, without sufficient silica to yank the multiple walls of interlocked cells back into normal shape, (elasticity) the artery remains bent out of shape which is bad.

The link to the Heart Disease tutorial is under the heart icon in the right sidebar. Learn how to safely remove plaque using real vitamin C and two amino acids. They do not teach this in medical school.

hydroxl molecule image schematic HYDROXL'S CONSTANT MOVEMENT DESTROYS A VIRUS
An hydroxl is an atom of oxygen stuck to an atom of hydrogen with a nonconducting link. An hydroxl is not a magnetic force until you start twirling it. When a few hundred billion are assembled into a long plume and made to perpetually whirl in all directions an electromagnetic energy cloud is created. When a virus (any virus) gets into the cloud it never comes out. Destruction is instant.

There is a big secret here. Our molecule is not grown out of the ground. It is created in a strict quality control high temperature process that starts with a tiny chunk of pure quartz silica that becomes the anchor point for billions of hydrogen and oxygen atoms assembled in chains (plumes) that makes them move as if alive to create tiny magnetic fields. Monomethylsilanetriol is its chemical name. No adverse side effects.

hepatitis c image NATURAL ORGANIC SILICA
You get natural, grown in the ground organic silica with every mouthful of any plant. A green salad is filled with atoms of silica. But you need to chew a whole lot of it to make any difference. That is why gorillas and Pandas spend their entire day munching bamboo shoots. Every other silica product that shouts its great benefits will deliver some kind of goodness, but none mention viruses or remissions of incurable diseases. Our molecule is patented as a “medicinal viricide.”

The “Silicium” brand is our product. It is not easy or cheap to make. A cheap bottle or jar of sand and perfume with water or some other vehicle is made just by stirring them together. You get what you pay for (hopefully).

You cannot get our results by eating sand, horsetail herb, silicic acid, bamboo shoots, or powdered ancient skeletons as DE diatomaceous earth.

image of organic silica in motionSee the million magnification consecutive imges of one molecule as it twisted and turned. The fluffies are hydroxl plumes. Billions of hydroxls.

image of acresusa cover page. RE-CONNECT MUSCLES TO BONES
“Silica And The Microbe's Kiss” is an article in Acres USA magazine on how Loic LeRibault's discovery is made. It tells of a chiropractor who ripped his rotator cuff. Surgery failed. Organic silica fixed it. Rotator Cuff rips are incurable tendon trauma.

image of herpes virus

Our 30 day guarantee is extended to 60 days from the date you receive the silica.


Hi: Did this page bring hope to you? The problems listed above are incurable in conventional medicine. Our solutions are offerred to bring sustained remissions. We never say cures. I will gladly answer your questions if you email them to me at
Burton Linne, Senior Applications Consultant

No claims are made here to diagnose or cure any medical disease or provide medical advice.

image of Silicium Living Liquid vascular and organ restoration bioavailable organic silica
Organic Living Silica
Destroys all viruses that we know of, and likely all others we do not know of.

image of G5 Gel joint pain relief bioavailable organic silica
G5 Gel
Topical Living Silica
Used instead of a taped gauze pad soaked with silica.

image of Silicium Wild Rose Cream  face lift treatment inside-out bioavailable organic silica
Wild Rose Cream
Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Face Lift Treatment

image of El Dorado internal moisturizer bioavailable organic silica
El Dorado Oil
Internal hydration without chemicals. Prevents Skin Dryout

Heart Disease plaque removal tutorial