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A new Do It Yourself Ebook
for an incurable fatal disease:

How To Prevent,
Halt, And Reverse
and Cure Cancer

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Hello! I wrote this instruction manual for you because nothing like it exists. This book tells you what I did and am doing to beat emphysema. Not difficult. New lifestyle. image of Burton Linne

I am Burton Linne. I suffered the increasing symptoms of emphysema without knowing it for maybe ten years before it finally got so bad it drove me to get a diagnosis by CT Scan and MRI in October, 2013. November, 2014 NO disease symptoms. Cured? No, there is no cure because it is not a disease; it is a condition process. I have stopped the process; reversed it. Actually rebuilding my lungs. This is a historical first. You can do it too. read more......


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All shipments of Organic Living Silica liquid 1000ml from January 25, 2015 on are with double strength silicon molecules. Six mg of the healing power per tablespoon instead of three. No change of price. The silicon molecule is in perpetual suspension. Never needs shaking or stirring. Too small to see.

Item [5] on the Order page is 2 bottles of Living Liquid and one G5 Gel pump bottle. Every movable joint. Easy to fix with the pump bottle gel.

Apply a thin smear on every place that hurts. Wait 10 minutes. Repeat every 10 minutes for an hour. Drink two full measuring caps of the Living Liquid (brown bottle). Get some sleep. Wake up pain free.

Repeat for one hour every day for a week. Then fall back to maintenance: one smear or two in the morning, repeat at bedtime. Take one capful of Living Liquid morning and night.

Little secret. Stop eating wheat, milk, potatoes, and tomatoes and anything made with those for two weeks. They are common inflammation sources. After two weeks take one of them at a time to test.

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No! We do not affect bacteria.

Aha! Now you are lucky because we are the only food grade dietary supplement patented in the U.S. as a viricide. Nothing else destroys viruses. No medicine exists to do it.

That's not exactly true. Your white cell immune cops engulf a virus with hydrogen peroxide to break it up. And pure silver ions in water will electrically break up a virus. Secret: that is how we do it too.

Bad cold is just starting? Maybe it will be 3 weeks of flu misery that could turn into cancer or COPD. Nasty, noisy cough? Stuffed head. Nose full of green goop? (You can tell, I've been there.)

Drink 60ml (two full measuring caps that comes with every Living Silica brown bottle.) Repeat every other hour morning to night the first day.

image of nasal spray Continue every four hours morning to night the next day. Fill a little finger pump nose vaporiser with Living Silica liquid. Spray it up your nostrils often. This is where your viruses are coming from. You will feel a pinch in your nostril that will stop in a few seconds. Then your wet drippy nose will dry up. Close your mouth and breath through your nose.

When you get the nasal spray gadget also get an inhaler that you hold in your mouth for asthma. Replace the medicine with Living Silica. Spray it down your throat with 5 pumps every hour or two to clear all virus from your bronchial tubes.

image of inhaler By the end of the second day your infection is gone. Maybe it will take 3 days. The cough is gone.

Now go get some Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in 5,000IU soft gels. Take 4 per day during flu season. That ends the head colds and flu. “Did you get your flu shot?” Yep, I sure did! I take my flu “shot” every day... costs me about 30 cents. Last time I had flu was 1987. Lasted 5 days.

There is no other sure solution for any virus. Vaccines? All they do is sicken you. That really is how they work. Every vaccine relies on getting you sick to stimulate your immune systems. They do NOT protect you. “Vaccines do not work.” I got that while on a sales call at the NIH Vaccines Institute, Bethesda Maryland. People are killed by vaccines. Terrible propaganda lie.

Our monomethylsilanetriol molecule is unlike anything on Earth. It is an atomic (chemical) construction that creates an atomic forcefield. When a virus is trapped inside our forcefield it is torn apart instantly.

We are the most effective anti-oxidant (that means anti-inflammatory) molecule in the world.

Nobody knows what to do as I do from personal experience. My customers have access to information when they need it. And fast delivery direct from our import warehouse.

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FDA listed as Liquid Dietary Supplement. No adverse side effects, allergens, interactions or toxins. Made in a pharmaceutical grade production laboratory in northern Spain. Used in Europe since at least 1990. Patented in U.S. in 1995. This is a well tested, safe, and world accepted product. Available in Australia, Japan, and all over Europe as well as America.

image of acresusa cover page. RE-CONNECT MUSCLES TO BONES
“Silica And The Microbe's Kiss” is an article in Acres USA magazine on how Loic LeRibault's discovery is made. It tells of a chiropractor who ripped his rotator cuff. Surgery failed. Organic silica fixed it. Rotator Cuff rips are incurable tendon trauma.

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Our 30 day guarantee is extended to 60 days from the date you receive the silica. Some repair jobs take more than a month.



Dr. Norman Smith, DC,DNM. holistic healer. Life Style Wellness Center. Pineville, MO. . “The silica goes to the brain and spinal cord first, then to organs.” Dr. Smith uses the G5 Gel and Liquid in his daily practice. His patients repeatedly buy Living Silica because it “charges their batteries.”

Richard Olree,DC Olree Chiropractic Center. Hillman,MI. Hockey trauma tore his rotator cuff. G5 Gel cured it after surgery failed. Uses Silicium G5 Gel on patients. Story told above in Acres USA.

Dr.Robert Mascarotti,DC Esprit Healing Center. San Jose, CA. Uses Silicium G5 Gel in his practice; sells Silicium Orgono Living Silica (1000ml) to his patients by the case.

Barry Tauch, President,clinical nutritionist. Cost Plus Nutrition. San Antonio,TX. Silicium Orgono Living Silica (1000ml) is a “structural imperative” centerpiece of every one of his custom designed therapeutic diets. Highly regarded around San Antonio.

Hi: Did this page bring hope to you? The problems listed above are incurable in conventional or alternative medicine. Our solutions are offered to bring sustained remissions. I will gladly answer your questions if you email them to me at
Burton Linne, Senior Applications Consultant

No claims are made here to diagnose or cure any medical disease or provide medical advice. Nobody has approved anything said on this website. It is all my opinion and experience except for what late Dr. Loic LeRibault says in his tutorial. January 2015

image of Silicium Living Liquid vascular and organ restoration bioavailable organic silica

Organic Living Silica
Destroys all viruses that we know of, and likely all others we do not know of.

image of G5 Gel joint pain relief bioavailable organic silica

G5 Gel
Topical Living Silica
Used instead of a taped gauze pad soaked with silica.

image of Silicium Wild Rose Cream  face lift treatment inside-out bioavailable organic silica

Wild Rose Cream
Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Face Lift Treatment

Viral Disease
Hepatitis a,b,c
Head Cold

Skin Disease

Joint Inflammation Disease
100 Kinds Of Arthritis

Respiratory Diseases
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease—breathlessness)