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Organic Bioavailable Silica

image of G5 Gel joint pain relief bioavailable organic silica

G5 Gel is organic silica (monomethylsilanetriol) with 3 more ingredients to provide quick absorption through skin.

Non-allergenic; non-toxic; non greasy; no odor; no adverse reactions. This is the same organic silica approved for ingestion as a food supplement by U.S. FDA. We jelled it to replace soaking a cotton pad and taping it in place for topical application.

G5 gel speeds healing of skin wounds. I use it routinely on any little rip or tear for overnight repair without a scar.

Apply G5 Gel with a light massage wherever you hurt. Relief builds slowly but surely. It took 3 months to drive all the pain out of my half-amputated foot. Just a quick thin smear in the morning, and again at night.

Instead of wiping my fingers after tending to my foot, I rub the wet fingers together with my other hand to fix the arthritis that popped up in both my middle fingers. NO arthritis and no brown spots.

G5 Gel repairs and tightens joints by re-gluing tendons to their bones. Surgery cannot do this. Nothing else can either. Read it in the Tutorial (click the top bar button).

And builds cartilage to lubricate joints. Nothing else can do this.

Nothing else restores elasticity of all connective tissues. This is a bottled face lift. You not only see it, you feel it! The Wild Rose Cream version is especially coumpounded for female facial tissue. The Living Silica Liquid works internally. Every cell in your body is washed in silica every three minutes once the 15 or 30ml dose is in your blood including your brain and spinal cord...and toes. Read the Tutorial. (The button is in the top bar.)

One military retiree in Washington State has been using G5 and the Organic Living Silica in tandem since fall 2010. He told me he and a local pal who golfs with him were both at the edge of getting knee surgery so they could continue playing golf. G5 fixed their knees. They both canceled planned surgery. I do not make these stories up.

Ingredients: Purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, organic silica (monomethylsilentriol), citrus grandis (grapefruit), glycerin. Packaging: 500 ml (17 oz) pump bottle.

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image of G5 Gel joint pain relief bioavailable organic silica
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